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What do we need out of a copter to be able to geotag photos?

Is there ANY way to make a P2V+ georeference photos? What about gopro, or NEX5?

What is the crucial component, is it the difference between NAZA and A2? Does Flytrex help?


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To use our Maps Made Easy system, you don't need anything out of the aircraft. GoPros don't have built in GPS (yet) but the NEX5 does. There are a bunch of samples on our Samples page that are fully georeferenced with the NEX5 based solely on its EXIF geotags.

There is a way to insert geotags into non-tagged images using Arducopter or something. We haven't actually done it, but I know a bunch of our customers are. It requires you to synchronize a separate GPS files (from FlyTrex or something) with the image time tags. It is really hard to do accurately and if it is done poorly the stitch quality will suffer greatly.

I suggest using the camera you have and manually selecting the GCPs on a basemap. It is more accurate than the EXIF tags and only takes a couple of minutes (less time than you will spending syncing the GPS file and without the risk of messing it up). We posted a tutorial on how to do it in our Guides page at

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