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Can't change camera pitch from controller • DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ V3.0

From my Iphone I can see what the camera sees and take images and movies. But I can't change the pitch of the camera. Though camera is in a level position the pitch indicator shows it is pointing up as high as possible. FYI - the gimbal pitch control is in the Normal mode

I'm sure it is something simple but can't find a solution.


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First plug your controller into the RC software assistant and calibrate your sticks and the X1 as prescribed. Then plug the Phantom into the Phantom software assistant and calibrate the X1 control.

If you are still having pitch issues, go into the gimbal settings and make sure that all the controls lines are set to the middle.

Call 844 312 8444 if you have further questions.

DJI downloads site:
If you are using a PC be sure to also download the DJI WIN DRIVER INSTALLER

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does nay of this work for the phantom3. havent been able to find the dji win driver installer for phantom 3 pro. as you know trying to get the controller firmware re-installed. no help from dji

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