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Reprocessing NDVI color mapping

I really like the results I am getting with the image stitching. Better than I can achieve myself and better than other "cloud" based solutions. Great results. I am interested in NDVI and have recently processed a data set with the NDVI option set. Now I would like to re-process the same data with a customized color map. Is it possible to do this without creating a new map and uploading the same data all over again? Being in a remote area of Oz with really crappy satelite internet, bandwidth and data allocations are in short supply. As it is I can realistically only upload 2 datasets a month and only after reducing the images by 50% before upload and it still takes hours:-(


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We are glad you appreciate the results. It isn't possible to reprocess the data without fully uploading the job again and adding your proper colormap at that time. Our default NDVI color table is pulled directly from the default Tetracam processing table. It assumes that you have a properly calibrated NDVI camera with a .000 crossover point for the radiometric measurements. Cameras with hacked lenses don't have the proper ratios and calibration capabilities so they don't get colored "properly" which is why we offer the color mapping. Generally, we suggest running a couple small data sets through in order to fine tune your own color mapping.

Using a remapped color scale will give you the greens and reds you want to see even if the actual results are somewhat meaningless due to them being calibrated by hand instead of using a scientifically based standard for calibration. We really wish companies would stop offering these hacked cameras as a viable means of collecting NDVI data.

Sadly, being a webservice, we are limited to uploaded imagery and a decent connection is required. We are certainly aware of these limitations but such is the state of the internet connected world. Since you have such a strict limitation, please email us the coloring you would like to use in the following format and we will manually add it and reprocess your data for you.

Starting with the red end, give us 17 hex color codes that coorspond with the values ranging from -1 to 1.
006600 008800 00BB00 00FF00 CCFF00 FFFF00 FFCC00 FFFAFA 38A9FF EE0000 8521DD CC0000 BB0000 AA30AA 990000 880000 770000

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