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Background tasking for Map Pilot not taking photos?

Hi guys, I finally had some time today to run a quick flight on the latest sdk firmware and map pilot installation.

Firstly, it is too bad that DJI has limited your flight speed. I hope they change this back at some point in the future. I miss the old speed:(

Part way through my flight, I accepted a text and viewed it which put map pilot into the background in IOS. Upon reviewing the photos just now, it looks as though the inspire kept following the correct course but was unable to trigger the camera for the brief time it was in the background. Is this something that might change in future. Really not too inconvenient but would be a nice touch.

Lastly, I let the battery run down to 30% which I have set as the warning cutoff in dji pilot. The warning tone beeped from the controller that it was time to come home, but the Inspire continued on with the mission despite this. In the end I chickened out at 25% and flew it home manually. Is this normal? Would Map Pilot have kicked in to fly home if I had left it alone?



Matt Hooker Answered

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It looks like they are going to speed it back up after we complained about it a bit:

It is weird that you are seeing background operation issues. I actually did an entire mapping run the other day while I was on the phone and was surprised how well it did... Please verify your build number and send us your phone specs offline. We thought we had that pretty nailed.

The time limits we have added in the settings are for planning estimates only. Our next release (after 150825) will have it trigger coming home after the specified time was up. If you would have let it go it would have come back at 18% or earlier if it needed the juice to return. That is the default DJI setting for it coming home. The warning is just the beep on the remote and we don't touch that setting since people like to set that all over the place. There is a second, more serious warning at 20% and then it will generally head home no matter what at 18%.

We have let it run down A LOT of times on the same set of batteries with no issues. Yet...

At any time, you can hit the Go Home button and the next battery will pick up where you leave off.

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Thanks Tudor,

Good to hear that they are giving you the extra speed boost.

I went searching for the build # and holy s*** there is a settings section with overlap management and max flight duration!!! These are just what the doctor ordered for me. When were these added? was I just missing this whole section the entire time? I'll be playing with these tomorrow for sure.

version is 1.1.14 build 20150825 and the flight was performed on an iphone 6 plus, I have not updated to the latest IOS it seems so I will get that going tomorrow.

Thanks again, keep up the good work

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We put the overlap in there for you! These were added in the latest build, 150825. Still trying to reproduce the background issue.

The iOS version shouldn't matter for the background issue. The flight path is programmed into the aircraft but the triggering is still done by the app so that is why it continued along its merry way. We realize that this is an issue but it beats being limited to images every 5 seconds. We have been considering adding a connectionless version but it would be pretty limited. We will be making a fully offline version that uses the Matrice 100 and has a fully onboard control computer for doing real work.

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