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Picture's Color and Color PostCorrection

Hello Tudor;

I have been using Map Pilot App since October and previously I was using Dronedeploy App. Your App is Great and gives us a lot of useful telemetry data for well Monitoring and Controlling the Drone. That's Excellent.
Based on my experience I noticed that the taken pictures with Drondeploy App are far away Vivid and Shiny than Map pilot one for the same surveyed Place, Date, Time and Weather conditions. So I tried to adjust the Camera settings in Map Pilot to increase the Exposure to +0 or +0.3 and/or the Color saturation to High but unfortunately no big difference and the images still Not Vivid nor Shiny.
N.B: I tried to adjust the White balance to Cloudy (since we are close to the winter actually but all the images become Yellowish like you are taking pictures in a Sandstorm)

Any recommendation or feedback ?

Thank you.

Zahi Khawand

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If you are trying to adjust the color you could bump the Color Saturation setting from the default of Medium up to High. That will likely do more to the coloration than the white balance or exposure.

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I tried to only adjust the Color Saturation to High but I couldn t be able to see any difference between the Default and High values.
Hope that this case can be amended in the upcoming release in order to collect Brighter and more Vivid pictures either in Cloudy or Sunny weather.

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