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Mapping Tall Objects

We are trying to map some towers and during our first 2 test runs, we are encountering the fact the the towers don't get rendered correctly.
It seems that the roof of the towers are aligned with the ground.


The tower in this example is in fact 65m high.

Is it due to the fact that the capture app only take 90° pictures or because we need the picture for the EXIF to be taken from the ground to set the base altitude?


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There are a couple of things going on here. First off, to render something like that you will need images from multiple directions and probably some oblique ones. This is a pretty complex shape due to its overhanging portions.

Please read the Data Collection Guidelines at

It seems you were not flying high enough, didn't have enough overlap and also shot too late in the day due to the long shadows.

To map something 65 m high accurately, you will need to fly many times higher than that.

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