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Elevation: missing metric and heights wrong/missing

This is a double question:

  1. In the elevation view i miss the metric values. For me feet does say nearly nothing (yes, i have some.. :-) ). Is the menu somewhere hidden or not existing. If the last, can you please add that?

  2. In my last mapping, the elevations for some trees are very wrong. I have some, that are nearly 28meters, but i can't see that. I used the beta software with standard parameters and a P3.
    Here is an example:

Even in the 3D the heights are not correct:

How can i correct that? Do i need different parameters? (more overlapping, greater area??)


Joerg Eckert

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You can change the default units for your account by going up to Account > Profile > Use Metric Units

This will change all of your numbers to metric.

A lot goes into getting trees to render properly. Flying higher helps. Flying on windless days helps. But more overlap is the best things you can do. Rendering trees is why we added the 80 and 90% overlap options. The standard setting is 70%.

Also, we generally recommend flying at least 4 times higher than the tallest thing you are trying to resolve which can put you up against the DJI imposed hard deck if you are trying to map anything taller than 30m.

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Thanks for your answer.

Will search in my profile.
ok. Maybe i should try to use it with more overlap and a little bit higher. Thanks for your advice. Will check that during next flights (if it doesn't rain).

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