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Map Pilot App

Can flight plans/missions created in the iPad Map Pilot App be exported and reimported?

I'm assuming that the note in the right margin of the Flight Planner link Download AWM for "DJI Datalink (Not P3/I1) acknowledges that we cannot upload flight plans from you Flight Planner link to the iPad Map Pilot App. Please elaborate.

Robert Jackman

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The AWM file is generated to be loaded into the DJI datalink and is not for use with Map Pilot or any other Phantom 3 or Inspire 1 applications.

The Flights.plist file that can be accessed by connecting your iOS device to iTunes will allow you to backup and externally view your mission data and log files. The basemap tiles cannot currently be backed up offline due to licensing limitations.

Upon the release of our next version it will be possible to force a reload of a saved mission via uploading a plist file that contains mission data. the Unique DB id code will need to be changed to "XXXXXX" in order to denote that there are no basemap tiles to look for. We will be adding a more polished capability in the future.

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