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Drone & RC latest FW issue

Hello Tudor;

Today, after upgrading the P3P FW (1.5.30) along with the RC (1.5.70) and DJI Go App (2.4.2) to the latest official released version, I noticed that while using Map Pilot App different Major issues have happened:

1- After the takeoff has been successfully done the total disconnection between the Map Pilot App and Drone happened at ~100 m AGL (Overhead) while the RC signal strength is still ~ 100%. (Happened 2 times so far) !!

2- While trying another flight I noticed that the Done which is following the planed course is Not taking pictures at all in spite of the RC connection/ signal is still very high (~100%) !!

3- After the Battery has been discharged till 30% the warning signal was initiated and immediately the Done started landing at that point without returning to the Home point !!

Any new compatible Map Pilot App soon ?
Any feedback / suggestions please ?


Zahi Khawand

Official comment


We have been hearing about increased occurrences of disconnection after this last update. This is not something we can really fix if the issue is with the firmware itself. We are in the process of updating to the latest SDK version to match the latest firmware release and we hope that might help.

For number 3: it is very important to verify all of you Go Home settings in the DJI Go app after updating your firmware. These setting tend to get overwritten and for some reason they default to landing instead of heading home...

We hope to have a new version out by the end of the year but it takes a long time to get through the review process.

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although it has spent time, today with the FW (1.8.80 and 1.7 same problem) RC (1.6.0)and DJ GO (2.7.1) version have the same problem, total disconnecting for no apparent reason.

Can you help me ?





Daniel Montaner 0 votes
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The methods for debugging connection issues are the same. It appears this latest version of firmware has more problems of allowing 3rd party applications such as our to connect.

There does appear to be something going on with older devices such as the iPhone 5s and the iPad Mini 2 that can cause crashing part way through a mission due to the limited resources on those devices. If you have one of those devices be sure to close as many other applications as you can before starting a mission to minimize this issue.

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