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Lost connection on mission

Today I was flying a short mission in what I believe to be optimal conditions, with the possible except that I, and much of the mission, were over water. The highest point of adjacent land elevation was quite low (~10m max). The mission covered less than 10 hectares. After starting the mission I noticed that the red icon for the Phantom disappeared for a moment, but reappeared at the proper start location and the mission began normally. Just about 2/3rds into the mission, however, it happened again. This time I noticed that all connection displays (the right side of screen) were gone, the red icon was gone, and the camera seemed to be at 90 degrees to the normal downward facing position. I could see the drone clearly about 350m distant and it appeared to be continuing to follow the mission path. From the photos, however, it appears to have stopped recording at the point it disappeared from there display. I manually brought the drone back visually but am not sure what I would have done had I not been in visual contact. Any thoughts? I have a screen shot that shows what the display was at the time at . - David Remsen

David Remsen

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This is an issue with the DJI firmware and SDK. We too have experienced this and it can certainly be a bit unnerving. The app is actively managing the imaging as the aircraft flies so once a connection is lot there will no longer be any images taken. This issue tends to crop up in the presence of RF interference and can usually only be fixed by a full system power cycle when hopefully the RC and the aircraft will choose a more optimal communications channel.

The good news is that the aircraft would have just continued along the planned flight path and come back and landed on its own.

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