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Miscellaneous Questions

Based on your experience, you said that you were able to successfully Upload a Session of 5400 Hectares. How was it possible (Max distance between waypoints must be less than 2000 m) ? I couldn't be able to upload more than ~1200 hectares (almost an area of a circle of 4000 m of diameter)? could you please describe it ?

Is it possible to Edit a Saved plan before Uploading it ?

I have an area of 750 Hectares to be scanned (Pictures attached), so how can it be done in one Session (multiple flights) while the distance between waypoints must remain less than 2000 m ? (Up to my knowledge, I understand that a distance between two waypoints is either between Over head and Starting / Ending point or the Length of a Leg).

Zahi Khawand

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These distance limits will be increased in a future version of the DJI firmware but the current version is limited as you have noted.

You cannot current edit a saved plan. We are considering adding this capability.

It should be possible to do 750 hect with the current constraints but you might have to move your start point inside the survey area and orient the flight plan properly.

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Thanx Tudor;

One thing that just came to my mind: Don't you think that Adding a Bearing or Heading Angle for the Legs in Map Pilot App while planning for a mission is highly important in case we need to make multiple PARALLELED Flights/Missions in order to successfuly being able to cover a wide area ?

Zahi Khawand 0 votes
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