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How to upload web-exported mission to drone

Forgive what may be a novice question but I assumed when I used your web-based Flight Planner tool to plan and then export a mission to, in my case an XML file for use with my DJI P3, that the Map Pilot app would have a way to upload the mission to the drone. I understand the app itself has a planner but assumed this was an additional method. This is clearly wrong so my question is how does one get a mission exported from the web to the drone?

David Remsen

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The web-based Flight Planner tool is not for use with the Phantom 3 or Inspire one. The download link says "Download AWM for DJI Datalink (Not P3/I1)". The AWM file is for the DJI ground link and Phantom 2 or S Series aircraft.

The app is what you should be using. We are looking into KML uploads for future releases.

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