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Phatom 2 vs. 3 for Mapping

So I'm looking for some help from people who have experience with mapping. I purchased a Phantom 2 with the H3-3D gimbal for GoPro 4 from DME back in April. It was more of a toy at the time, but has since become extremely valuable for maps/pics/videos on my jobsites as an excavating and building contractor in the mountains of NC.

Since that time, I also got too ambitious and modified my GoPro with a Backbone Ribcage, which has turned out to be too heavy for my gimbal. At this time I am attempting to sell the modified GoPro and get another stock model. BUT, I started looking at the Phantom 3s and DME's mapping bundles for the 3.

My question is this: Should I stick with my current Phantom 2 with a GoPro and sell my modified GoPro with the Ribcage, or sell the entire farm and upgrade to a Phantom 3 mapping bundle? Anyone have experience with both the 2 and 3 and the pros/cons of each? Anyone know of a good forum/website to sell such used products?


Bjorn Larson

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I've got a P1 with H32D GoPro, a S800 Hexa with DSLR and a P3Pro, for my money the P3 is the more elegant solution, the geotagging alone is worth it. The whole workflow process is simple and smooth. You WILL be blown away by the MME output.
However, if all you are after is single shot images as a record and aren't concerned about stitching/georeferencing then the P2 you have (with datalink?) will probably be adequate.

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The Phantom 3 kit will give you much better results much more easily. It is possible to stitch together GoPro images but getting them georeferenced will take a lot more work than the P3.

Mission planning is a lot easier on the P3 setup too... You can do some cool stuff with the P2 and datalink though and the P2/Zemuse/GoPro setup will take a bit more of a beating and can be serviced more easily.

We will leave this question open to see if you can get any other input.

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