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accuracy with MME output

I am researching for an upcoming mapping project and wanted to know a few specifics about the map output.

1) Can I produce a topal contour map at 2 ft intervals?
2) What is the highest accuracy (given I do everything to input the most accurate data), or rather, can I achieve a 1-2ft/in. accuracy using MME? If so, are there steps outlined that show how to achieve the highest possible accuracy?

Chris Odom

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Creating contour lines from our DEM GeoTiffs is covered in this conversation:

We generally quote our accuracy to be around 1%. Slightly better than that can be achieved with very high end cameras, lots of overlap and a relatively small area.

The best way to get accurate outputs is to collect lots of overlap, we a camera of good quality in good lighting conditions.

A lot of the jobs being posted using the DJI Inspire 1 and the Map Pilot app to collect the data are getting very good results on par with systems that cost 10x.

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