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No SD card

FW date : 20150931, P3A

If there's no SD card in the camera, and the mission requires more than 1 battery, the rest of the flights pop up as completed when you try to take off with the 2nd batt. However, if you put in the SD card again, it will continue the mission just fine. But it will say flight 4 out of 3.

Kevin Yap

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That is odd. This has never come up in our testing. We can see how it would be possible. We never planned on people taking off without an SD card... This will be addressed in our next release.

The number of flights gets incremented with every takeoff ATTEMPT which is likely what you are seeing. If you have a mission planned that says you will only need one battery but it is recalled and restarted for some reason, it will say 2/1. The first number is the executed number. The second number is the estimated number required.

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