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Battery estimation

FW date : 20150931, P3A
I tried to do a mission that required three batteries that required some long flight lines (about 1km). Flight is in my mapsmadeeasy account under the name "Bernam 2".

To the point, the number of batteries is calculated based on travel distance. However, if the program finds that it does not have enough battery to complete the line, it will automatically RTH even if it can complete at least half the line.

Is it possible to calculate the number of batteries more accurately where half lines are not taken into account? or even better, let it continue the mission until it reaches a preset battery level then RTH?

Kevin Yap

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The number of batteries is based on a number of things and the distance any particular flight can be is limited to 10 km by DJI. This limit will be raised in the next firmware release. Allegedly. The and of a battery tends to coincide well with when you start hitting 10km which is what likely triggered the Go Home. We don't start the next leg if the end of that leg will put the total flight over 10km. We knew this was going to be changing so we didn't invest a lot of time into making it better.

If you use one of the battery timer settings, the estimation is pretty accurate. If you use the battery limited setting it will go until the battery runs out or the segment that breaks the 10km limit is hit.

This will continue to be improved upon as DJI changes things.

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