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Weird Photo Error

Today I tried the newest version of the App on my Inspire 1. This was the first time I tried powering up the Inspire, taking it out of travel mode and attaching the camera without powering down the inspire (As the firmware now supports this). I checked in DJI GO and everything ran properly but when I uploaded the mission, the Inspire flew the mission correctly but did not point the camera down. I made sure to close the DJI GO app fully before opening the app so it isn't a conflict between them but it was very strange. When I noticed this happening half-way through the mission I moved the camera down and started getting a camera error message every time it took a photo. The photos were still taken properly but every single one triggered this error. When I landed the drone and powered it down, took off the camera and powered it up then cycled it down and attached the camera it functioned properly.

Just a heads up that this conflict may exist and not sure if anyone else has experienced it.

Alex Bilyk

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We hadn't heard about the new camera feature. The camera pointing issue should be fixed in the latest release. This sounds like a pretty strange hardware error. It is likely there the state of the camera did not get updated on that first plug in. Please let us know if it happens again.

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