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Mini 3 No SD Read

When i want to start a Mission with Map Pilot Pro with my Mini 3 i get an error that says that the SD Card is not readable, then i can start my mission as normal but when the mission finishes and i want to check the photos are not there bacause Map Pilot Pro dosent was able to Save the Photos. I tried formating the SD in the computer and in the dron and it dosent work, also when i take pictures with the DJI fly app the photos get stored.

Im using version 1.6.5e

Otorexer 469

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Map Pilot Pro doesn't actually touch the images. It tells the camera to take a picture and the camera is reporting that it is unable to do so. 

Make sure your SD card is formatted in the DJI app so the format is correct. Then, make sure your data destination is set to be the SD card and not the internal storage. 

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