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Maps with more than 600 images

I have 3645 Pay-as-you-go points but when I try to create a map (DJI workflow) with more than 600 images, says there is a 600 images limit and does not allow me to upload more than 600 images. How can I overcome that? I already tried to upgrade to a monthly subscription on top of the points but that didn’t help. Granted, I only tried the lowest tier… Don’t want to spend any more money that doesn’t buy me what I need. Please advise if and how I can process a map with more than 600 images.

Volker Scheuber

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It sounds like you may have a new account. The limit for how many images you can upload goes up 200 images with every job you run. The initial minimum is 500 images. To run 600 images you would need to have run at least 3 maps already.

This is noted where you select the images:

The goal here is to throttle users with new accounts a bit so they learn the ins and outs of the system. We had too many people signing up and trying to run 4000 image maps without ever bothering to learn what works and what doesn't. 

So if you need to run 600 images just make sure you have processed 3 maps in your account already. You could just run a quick 20 image map if you want but we want people to learn to walk before they run.

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