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Mavic Air 2 - jerky flight & camera lag

Hello, apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. 

Yday we were flying a mission and the drone got to it's altitude but flying to it's starting point it was acting as if it was slowing to reduce blur and missed it's starting point completely.  Landing and making a new map helped. Any ideaswhat could cause it? 


Also on the Google pixel 7 the camera feed refreshes with one frame every 30 seconds at best so it is hard to see the photos are being taken correctly - the dji app works fine.  I will try it on the older Pixel 5. 


These are only minor niggles, the whole product has been excellent for us. 


Many thanks.

Noel Gallagher

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Make sure all other drone related apps are FULLY closed. If your device has limited resources you might want to close other apps as well. The issue signal strength related too.

Make sure your flight logs are synced and look at the plots on MME for analysis.

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I will try that and try to get more info if it happens again. 


Many thanks for the swift reply. 

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