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Flight Start Error Phantom4 Pro V2 (code-1003)

Kept getting this error yesterday. I updated my Maps Made Easy App on the ipad and this was the first flight since. I had ALL sorts of issues I've never had before. This flight error would happen and the drone would not take off and start flight. I'd restart the app and restart the drone and sometimes it would work, but once flying it would not store any photos. 


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Very similar issue today. Last used 28/4/23 on ipad Air2 P4p. But first, For about 12mnths when i open a regular mission i get ‘camera not mavic…used for mission, do you want to update?’ Not exact wording. My default is p4p , dont own a mavic so not sure why i get that. I select update camera.
Anyway thats an aside. After 1of 4 survey flights, after upload completes & press takeoff i get “maximum radius” cant takeoff. Closing app and open continue mission worked.
BUT the big pain was only 370/1440 images were recorded!!! Day shot! Return to site (site mgr to open quarry for me on a Sunday). :(
All the while img pins were dropping and no warnings of capture issues.
Despite rc & p4p linked, app does not Connect reliably. Reboot everything usually 3x fixes it.
Post flight logs show fail
Despite volume up full, barely here warnings (some are momentary (small) flashes on the screen no audio. So if you are keeping VLOS they get missed. Volume up for all messages please.
End of flight line audio might help locating
Warning of consecutive imgs missed
With all wifi etc off, apps closed, brightness down ipad battery drains fast?
Thanks for listening

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Troy: please start individual posts for each issue so the responses are useful for people and relevant to the initial post. 

I see your latest mission has 1078 images (375+377+326)

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I had the same problem with my new (DJI refurbished) P4A today. Interestingly, I had a mission this summer with my old P4A, it didn't record any images although it flew the mission perfectly. Later I flew a test mission using the same iPad Mini 4 and it only recorded half of the photos. I sent the bird back to DJI for repairs and they replaced it with a refurbished P4A, even though they could not reproduce the error with DJI Go4. If the iPad Mini 4 is no longer an option what iPad is recommended?

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