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Question about software capabilities

Hello, I have a question. Let me first introduce myself:

My name is Paulino, Im an enviromental science student from the university of Málaga, southern Spain; and Im also a professional drone pilot, I have all the european flight licenses and just started as a freelance drone pilot under the brand name MalakAir.

I assisted a networking event and I met a local politician who is in charge of the desertification in the province of Málaga, which includes all of the villages inside of it. He wants to hire me since I am a drone pilot, have photogrametry experience and certain enviromental knowlege to go village by village planning preventive vegetation planification via drone mapping, since Spain has been the european country with the most forest surface burnt by far in the 2022...

Knowing I would need inclination outputs, vegetation density, vegetation health (like if its dry or not) and to cover a lot of surface. Would you say this software suits me for this job?

Thank you very much for your time, greeting from Spain.

Paulino Dueñas

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Maps Made Easy will create the maps but it won't classify the surface contents for you. You would need to do that on your own using GIS software. 

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