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map failure - producing cryptic meaningless error message, are near 2000 of my points!!!!

My drone mapping supports my research, it is not any kind of full time role or service for me.   I have been making modest maps over the past several seasons, but today I flew a larger mission that I usually do, using a brand new DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise drone.   It was a spectacular day to fly and I captured nearly 2000 images with 85/80% overlap at a constant 300 ft AGL in bright sunshine.  I inspected the base imagery and it was excellent and clear, but when I followed all the standard DJI workflow steps... all I got for my effort was

2023May26 Mav3ET ALL Sutton Lake


This map failed to process due to low image quality, poor overlap or various other image quality issues.

!?!?!?!?!?!!   The flight conditions and the imagery content could not have Been better....  but it still ate 1959 points to process 1066  input images and produce a map of 0x0 pixels.   


I had no warnings, no cautions... but MME produced no useable results and the error is simply wrong.   Has something changed?   Do I need to look for a new service to handle the latest of the DJI Enterprise done output images??

MME Tech Support - I have been working w you since your first summer in business and have been a steady customer.  Help me figure this problem out, and restore the points that got eaten up doing nothing for me.   




Dr. Michael Vogt


Doc Vogt

Official comment


The warning you got is a general purpose warning that means there was a big issue with your imagery and no result was possible. It could be an error. It could be an issue with the tags. There are lots of things that can cause no result to occur.

How did you collect the data? It doesn't appear to have been done with Map Pilot Pro so we can't really check what went on there.

It looks like you used an M3T which could have something to do with it. 

If it is anything like the subsequent map there are a TON of reflections off the water which is the #1 thing we warn about in the Data Collection guidelines that are agreed to at the time of upload. 

That is A LOT of reflections. 


Minimize the Inclusion of Water

Always in motion, highly reflective, and transparent, water has a lot of properties that make it hard to render well.

Large areas of open water will not likely process well in any photogrammetric application. While it may turn out well enough in a 2D ortho map, water rarely renders well in the 3D outputs and can add unsavory motion related artifacts. If you must include water in a survey area, try to keep some shore structure in place to give our processing something to hold on to.

The images also appear to have been taken directly at solar noon for your area which is also warned against in the Data Collection guidelines. Map Pilot Pro also warns you about this. 

These two things together are a pretty good example of how to have a feature matching related zero result.

If you want to try to run it as a Flat Map which doesn't rely on feature matching you could try that if you absolutely must fly at solar noon over water and vegetation. 

You can't expect proper results without proper inputs. Please read the Data Collection guidelines carefully before planning your flight activities. They have been the same for years. 


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