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MAPS MADE EASY IOS 16.4.1(a) app crashing

Hi, Ive been using your software for over a year now, i really like it. I use it for missions for Pix4d as their IOS app doesnt allow KML files. But lately under this IOS update (im thinking its a app error) that the program has been crashing /freezing / loosing connection with the drone/ giving other random errors. Ive only noticed it since the IOS has been updated. My drone is a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom. Ive switched cords to ensure its not a problem with the cords. 


Gary Stelmack

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We haven't had any issues with the latest iOS update. Please make sure all other drone related apps are fully closed. Make sure that your cable is brand new or in like new condition. It shouldn't have any black contacts or frays or anything like that. 

You could try deleting the app and reinstalling it fresh too. 

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