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Loss of Control with Map Pilot Pro

I was doing a test using my Mavic 2 Pro and controller with my Ipad Mini.

It was going fine and became clear that the mission would not finish on one battery.  I got a low battery warning that it was at 11% and that it was landing.  

I tried taking control of the sticks and flying it back in Map Pilot Pro, but it did not respond.  I ended up quickly switching to DJI Go4 app and was just able to fly back and land safely.  

When the drone landed, it indicated battery critically low and it was at 7%.

Can I make a map with the points that I did get?

Can you tell me what went wrong and why I was unable to fly back with Map Pilot Pro?

It was my understanding that just moving the control sticks would take over control and that did not seem to work.




Alan Cline

Alan Cline

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You might be able to use the images you got.

Once the aircraft heads for home you can't do anything in the app anymore. You need to switch the flight control mode button or hit the RTH button to cancel out the automated RTH action first.  

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