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DJI Mini 2 - Switch to Controller from MME

I tried my first map setup and went to start he mission. The drone took off and then at a height of about 6m stopped I believe a pop up came up and said it I may have touched a button on the controller 

I tried return to home on both the app and then the controller but no response

I had to shut down both the MME and DJI Fly app and after restarting the DJI Fly app I was able to have some control again

I've looked over this site and forums and DJI site and forums but haven't found out how to manually take over the DJI Mini 2 

I found something for the Phantom FTA toggles but the Mini 2 controller doesn't have those particular switches

I'm hoping someone might shed some light if its something that's been seen before. Likely something simple that I haven't switched on or off in the controller or app but I don't see it 

Any help advice or thoughts would be appreciated.


Richard Gemmell

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The Mini 2 relies on Virtual Stick controls so if you touch the sticks on the remote it kicks it out of the programmed flight mode. 

The DJI Fly app should absolutely not be running while Map Pilot Pro is running.

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