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Large custom terrain dataset


I have a large project coming up in an area with very rough terrain, so I need to do a custom terrain model. The problem is, this is very large area, and the terrain model would be huge. Something like 750 km2. The cost in points would be around $5k, even though I'm using 10 meter elevation data and the dataset GeoTIFF itself is only about 33 MB. The per-acre costing seems to break down in this case. 

Do you have any solution or suggestions for me? I need to figure this out or start looking for alternatives ASAP.


Matt Bandy

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Good news! Starting with version 1.4.0 for Android and 5.5.0 for iOS Map Pilot Pro will have many more datasets available for doing Terrain Awareness. In the US you can use the 3DEP 10m dataset which is likely higher resolution and more up to date than anything else out there aside from doing your own lidar. 

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