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Minimum Flying Speed.

Last fall I successfully executed a flight for my neighbor's house.  We live in Class D 0-50 airspace, so it had to be conducted at very low altitude.  Parameters were:

Grid Mission, ALT 52 ft (gradual sloping terrain from launch point), Overlap 71/80, Speed 2.8 mph, Offset 0.  DJI Mini 2.

Mission flew well and got good pictures.  Tired to plan same parameters for my lot, next door.  System will not let me fly it saying it is too slow for the DJI.  Why, can I do it next door and not over my house?  It is the same size lot with the same drone with the same parameters.  But every time I try to set it up, I get error messages and the system forces me to lower overlap.  I did it before and it worked great.  Why not now?

Jim Willson

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