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Two questions about base maps for mission plans

I'm a little confused.

What I think happens is that when I create a new mission on, say, my iPhone, Map Pilot Pro downloads the base map, so I can fly the mission easily even if there isn't any internet access at the site. This, as far as it goes, is brilliant.

My problem is, if I have a second device using the same account, I can sync the missions but (according to the message shown) not the base maps. I'm afraid that if I try to use that second device to fly my drone, it won't have a base map predownloaded, and I'll be SOL if there isn't any internet access at the flight location.

Two questions: 1) Can I encourage Map Pilot Pro to download the base map for a mission even if that mission was not created on that device? and 2) Can I confirm that there is a downloaded base map before I head out into the field?


Alan Harper

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When you sync the missions, the saved basemap data does not come with it. You would also need to do a terrain plot to get it to download the terrain data for offline use.

1. You can unlock the mission and save it again to force it download the basemap data on the local device.

2. Switch the device to Aircraft Mode to simulate being offline out in the field. 

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