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iframe customization

I'm new to the site.  Is there a way to customize the iframe?  For example if I don't want any of the buttons on the left side and I don't want the layers button in upper right?  Thanks!  I did see a way to provide a custom logo if the job is paid  

Can we take the output images and create our own google maps with the geotiff as a layer?  I want to be able to fully customize the look of the map, have my own markers with pop ups etc. 

Do we have to link to your service in the frame? Or can we use google maps API?

You mentioned MME hosting the files but how do we host the files if we wanted to?

 If we have to use your servers to host the Maps what if your site ever goes down?  If it all possible it would be great for us to host the images ourselves. Could you give us some direction on how we can do this?


Shawn Jackson

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