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Save a mIssion Toolbar

When creating a mission the tool bar on the right side of the screen that allowed you to save a mission is not appearing. Additionally, the aerial map is blinking various quadrants while viewing. We have used the Maps Made Easy App and mapping for 2 years without incident, but cannot solve this issue. Please advise.


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The tool bars on the right side are for flight monitoring and control. They won't show up unless the red triangle is showing the aircraft's position. 

The flashing issue seems to be occurring a lot on older iOS devices that have updated to iOS 11. The new iOS update seems to eat up a lot of CPU/GPU and not leave a lot for Map Pilot. You may want to look into running with an iOS 10 device until you can upgrade to a newer, more powerful mobile device. 


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I am using a new iPad Mini 4, the newest and most powerful Mini iPad available today, which I  just picked up from the Apple store.

The SAVE icon on the left side menu is grayed out, so I am not able to save a mission. I also tried connecting it live to a P4P, and it still is grayed out.

I am also getting the flashing map tiles, but if I zoom in closer or out further is stops. This appears to be a problem at a specific zoom level.

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The flashing tiles issue happens on older iOS devices after the last iOS update. You can read more about that here:

From this screenshot it looks like you have maybe been trying to use a linear mission or terrain aware mission but declined to purchase the features. Doing so hides the upload button and save buttons until a change to the layout is made. 

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