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New Map processed Pasqua train tracks

The new Map you processed a map that should've have been done ...if that was that bad should've stopped it ....and gave me back my points and why would you process the map in that back guilty ...

gave me back my points and I would get new imagery  ...


Official comment


Our processing is fully automated and no judgement is made about how poor the input data is. The system just tries to give the best quality it can given the inputs it receives. 

Only 98 of your 363 images were included in the outputs because they were not contiguous as is recommended in our Data Collection guidelines:

The gaps in your imagery may have been caused by a slow SD card which. We have found that a high percentage of SD cards are not genuine and do not meet the specs printed on them. We highly recommend doing a file writing benchmark on it to validate that it can support fast file writing. 

As you can see in your overlap report below you have almost all poor overlap due to the limited overlap settings but also due to the limited number of passes. If you absolutely must do 2 passes it would be best to use 80+% across track overlap to make sure we get enough looks at everything. Reds, oranges and greet in your overlap report are bad and you can't expect a job to turn out well that does not have blues in the overlap report. 

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