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Terrain Awareness - Editing saved mission (Flight.plist) or import DEM


I have a mission in two weeks over some steep terrain and terrain awareness is failing because the area is likely over a void in the SRTM dataset.  The area is located at  54°28'51.02"N / 127°55'33.60"W.

Is there a way to edit the Flights.plist file to enter the elevation manually and then save it back into the App?  I can transfer the file to my desktop and view the content but see that elevation values in the array tags are not actually elevation values?

Or is there a way to import and use an existing LiDAR DEM dataset I have?

Thanks for the help!



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There is not a way to do that since the flights.plist file just has the mission parameters and not the waypoints. 

We have added all of Norway thanks to the contributions of knowledgable users that gave us a compatible data set. 

We may offer a MME DEM import in the future.

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Thank you for the quick response.  Is it possible to confirm that the area is indeed failing due to a void?  The location is within the bounds of the STRM data (60° north and 56° south latitude).

A MME DEM import function for a future release would be great!  Many other apps are considering this functionality as well.


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