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Auto focus Default to ISO 100

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On a bright sunny day, at 2 PM the Autofocus set to ISO 100, 1/100sec F2.8

This forced the drone to readjust the speed to 9 mph to keep the blur in the black or orange range.

Is this a drones made easy problem of DJI problem?


marc sobel

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If you are in auto exposure mode this won't happen. In the shutter priority mode the ISO will be locked at ISO 100. Allowing the ISO to bump up the gain on the sensor is really just adding noise to the images which makes them harder to process.

If it really was bright and sunny outside the camera would likely have selected a much higher exposure time in Auto mode.

If you don't like that automatic speed limitation you can turn it off in the Settings menu.



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It was in Auto in auto exposure mode, I double checked it.

The day was as bright as it gets at about 2PM when the sun was directly above.


So why in Auto mode did the camera select such low ISO number. it would seem to me the camera should always select the fastest speed for action and movement.

Does your software have any ability to change the camera settings or just know what they are?

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I'm currently using a P4P and with shutter priority the ISO is locked at 100. In the past with a Phantom 3 pro the iso would adjust up and down so I could adjust the shutter speed to stay locked at 1/1000 or 1/1600. I know there will be more noise but its not bad when iso is 800 or less. Besides noise is better than motion blur. I have had good results creating maps with iso at 800 or less on Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 pro larger sensor is more light sensitive. This would be good to reinstate on P4P.

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