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Result compare Inspire 1 (x5 defaut & 12MM /X3) with mavic Pro

We did a test area laying out ground point  8 pc's ( n-RTK GPS) and did fly an UAV, Inspire 1 with X3 and X5 and also a new Mavic Pro. The results of the UAV Inspire 1 are close to each other but the Mavic Pro display's errors in the 1 meter range. The Orthophoto from the Mavic looks really great but the results does have errors in the 1 meter range.

Is there a way to correct this large error from the Mavic , or is the Mavic camera in current state simple too small for this kind of operations.

Bert Bosman

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The Mavic isn't really designed for accuracy in mapping in mind... It is small and cheap-isa and we love it but the camera isn't that great. It's rolling shutter is pretty slow so it really feels the effects of any speeding up or slowing down when taking images. 

There isn't really any way to fix this.

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