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Surveying a River of 50 KM


Could you please tell me what is the best solution for getting a Geo-referenced aerial imagery for a river of 50 KM long (5 pieces of 10 KM Linear Mapping) without using GCPs since the River isn't accessible at all ?
Do you think any solution by using ArcMap for Rubbersheeting (Georeferencing) it later on? And what will be the Basemap in such case ?

Drone to be used: Phantom 4 Pro
Planned Mission: 2 Tracks along the river (Map Pilot App)
Overlap: 70% Along - 70% Across


Zahi Khawand

Official comment


For mapping activities that require high accuracy we always recommend doing some post processing of our raw geotiff to make things work for you if you have the skill set (rubber sheeting, thin plate spline, etc).

With any post processing you will be responsible for the final presentation of how the map is shown and what base maps are used since it will be outside of Maps Made Easy at that point. 

We have had a few users map river and coastal sections longer than this with our Linear Flight planning with great success.

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