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Camera Specs in Point Calculator Need Updating

Hey, for us Android users that don't use Map Pilot and are just using your Point Estimator to do some quick estimates for various purposes, sure would be nice if it were updated with the current array of DJI cameras available.

Finding the specs for the P4P which is arguably the most popular semi-pro model out there is like looking for a needle in a haystack but I got it with trial and error (then found a thread where support here mentioned the specs).

If you have the info, seems like it wouldn't be that time consuming to add the profile into the point calculator.  If you're going to let the list of camera/drone profiles stagnate then you might want to consider discontinuing the tool.  You might also want to list the camera model in addition to the drone models for the users of DJI drones with interchangeable cameras.




Jeff C

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We are in the process of updating a lot of things and the Point Estimator is one of the first things that are due for an update. 

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