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phantom 4 camera properties and GSD

I'm a project student and i'm using phantom 4 in my project work (for mapping). Please, what is the focal length and sensor width/height of phantom 4 camera? How do i compute GSD or spatial resolution of my imagery?

Nwilag Daniel

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GSD is the size of a pixel on the ground. To relate the two you essentially project the physical dimensions of the camera's sensor onto the ground using the lens. To do this you need to know the physical size of the sensor area, the size of the pixels, the resolution, the focal length of the lens and the distance to the objective.

Or you can use a calculator:

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Thanks alot.

But what is the sensor properties of DJI Phantom 4 camera because I don't know them and the GSD_calculator is requesting for them to be able to compute the GSD of the imagery. i.e the focal length of the lens, the sensor size (width and height) and the pixel size. Please, i'm looking forward to hearing from you and other contributors because i have limited days to work on this project and still have this issue bothering me. I do really need your help on this. Thanks

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