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Map Pilot App/blurry photos

I have been trying to do some mapping with Map Pilot recently, but for some reason the app will make my Inspire 1 fly really slow (2m/s) to try to compensate for motion blur. For me this is too slow. I am used to flying at least 5m/s at the same altitude (120m AGL). I tried manually taking pictures, using the app as a guideline, but it produces blurry photos when flying 5m/s+. Also I checked the DJI Go app, all the settings were on automatic, so the problem isn't there.

I thought it was the drone that I was having problems with, but I tested the same missing with drone deploy and everything worked fine.

I would like to use map pilot for the terrain awareness.

If anyone has some I sight on the problem it would help me out a lot!

Philip Hartmann

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You can turn the light based speed adjustment off in the settings. It is there and on by default to keep you from outrunning the amount of light that is available.

Make sure you are not using any ND filters or anything like that which does nothing except make your exposure times get longer. You shouldn't be limited to such slow speed at that altitude since your GSD is pretty big at that point.

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