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Latest Map Pilot App issues

Hello Zane,

Today, I updated the Map Pilot App on my iPad mini 4, tried the new release with my Phantom 4 Pro ( Latest FW and latest Dji Go 4 App) and found these issues with several trials as follows :

1- When the drone comeback after a flight (1st, 2nd ...), I changed the battery, powered up the drone, waited for the camera connection and GPS readiness then I pressed the BATTERY CHANGED so immediately all the Right Pop Up boxes disappeared and didn't show again in order to UPLOAD the mission unless I exited the App ( no other app on the background) !

2- While the drone is executing the mission, whenever or wherever I press the STOP Button and trying to CONTINUE the mission it will not continue at All and I have to bring back the drone in order to send it back again !

So any feedback please in order to solve these major issues ?

Zahi Khawand

Official comment


Thank you for the report. We are looking into both of these issues. A lot of functionality changed with our latest update of the DJI SDK.


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Also note that the Missing Taken Pictures during any flight still persists frequently in ConnectionLess Mode while the Speed Class Rating is set to 3 sec in spite of a Genuine SD Card which came with the P4P is used.

(Sometimes 2 to 3 consecutive pictures are missed)

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The camera issue is really more of an internal issue with the camera. Since it is connectionless the camera is triggering itself every X seconds or X meters. If it can't keep up it is almost certainly due to a buffer overflow. 

We recommend actually doing a benchmark test on your SD card. You may think it is genuine but it may not meet the published specs which can cause issues.

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