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Map not processed correctly

Trying to figure out why my paid map said I uploaded 78 images and only 24 show up on the overlap report? if you can see my account it is map Biglake 2017-06-14. I did get a notice in the middle of processing that the map was intterupted and would start again soon.

The data was collected with two separate fights as I had battery issues, it seems like it only processed the first 24 images of the second flight.

Steven Dahl

Official comment


All the images were processed but it appears that they were not contiguous and also had some elevation issues. 

Please make sure you are following the Data Collection guidelines carefully:

According to your overlap report, it looks like you did a few runs that go up a hill.

Two problems with that:

  • Going up a hill will cause the overlap to be reduced to the point that the scene can no longer be reconstructed. 
  • The rest of the images were actually so far away from this line that they aren't shown. If the overlap is not contiguous one one section will be displayed.


It always helps to manually fire through the images to make sure they are what you intend to upload and visually check that they are overlapping. In this case, it looks like you used an app but didn't upload all the images from the run. It still wouldn't have turned out well due to the hill. 

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