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How well would maps made easy work for creating narrow but long aerial maps?

We are looking for a UAV system that can create aerial maps that are about 1-3 miles long but only 100-200ft wide. We want to get accurate aerial maps of lines of power poles that will be reconductored. We will use these maps to find the distance of one power pole to the next, the angles between the poles, and to help with design of any poles that need to be replaced.

Does the software have an easy way of finding the distance and angle between 3 points?


Konsta Anttila

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That type of job is not likely to turn out too well without breaking it up into a few segments to make sure the elevation data products don't get too far out of whack. 3 miles should probably be broken up into 4-6 segments with some overlap between each. 

Maps Made Easy does provide some basic measurement tools but nothing for generating angles. For that kind of work we recommend using Google Earth Pro with the generated KMZ files or QGIS with the GeoTiffs. 

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