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Flight height

After doing a lots of flights, I came to the practical conclusion that mapping large areas with UAVs, especially in mountain areas, is a big problem regarding flight times and GSD.

Trying different stock DJI cameras it came out that with my Matrice M600 PRO the only solution is to use a non-DJI DSLR with high amount of Mpx.

But the problem in Map Pilot is the max flight altitude. It is max 300 meters. In my country I can get (not easily, but it can be done) an excemption from the local FAA to fly above 300m.

Also, the max flight altitude which you can set in DJI GO is 500 m.

So my question is why is that so and do you plan to extend the max flight altitude?

Dario Finderle

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Our Terrain Awareness feature is designed to tackle this issue.

The flight time estimates are affected by changes in height. We generally recommend planning on getting about 60% of what it says for really rough terrain.

We do not plan on offering higher flight. 

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