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Inconsistent overlap and image spacing

I'm using an Inspire 2 with X5S, all up to date firmware and Map Pilot version.

On my first few missions I have noticed inconsistent overlap between multiple flights, despite having the same settings. Below, the area at the top-right was flown separately from the larger area on the left. Both flights had an altitude of 300', and overlap of 80% front/side. The larger mission would also occasionally have a gap where a photo was missed. What could be causing the difference in overlap? Which one is right?

I did notice that on the smaller flight, Map Pilot slowed my speed down to 11mph, due to "lighting conditions" even though it was the same light for both flights. Bright mid-day sunny. Larger flight was at 18mph. 

Using a fast v30 rated SD card.I supposed I could understand if the camera couldn't keep up at 18mph, but why the difference in side overlap then?

Brian Kravets

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It looks like The one on the right was done with the X5S settings and narrower field of view and the other one was done with the normal P3/P4 settings which are the default. 

The lighting conditions based slow down won't affect the layout of the flight, just how quickly the images are taken. This can be turned off in the Map Pilot settings but is the default for a reason.

If the lighting conditions were the same there is probably somethings else that is going on.

When doing adjacent sections we always like to save the mission and have the visibility of the adjacent missions turned on in the settings so you can catch things like this. 

The inconsistent spacing is caused by the camera not being able to keep up with the file writing. You can either slow down the file writing by changing the SD card speed in the Map Pilot settings by selecting the 3 second per image option or look into getting a higher quality SD card. Also, try to start your missions with a freshly formatted card. 

Please email the affected log files to

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