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hi. Is the maximum planned mapping flight distance 30km? If so, can it be increased? I have a few mapping distances over the 30km and have to break them into two or more flight map plans. When they are over 30km I keep getting the error message that the waypoints are too far apart and to reset the home point. This does not work.

Peter Knights

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We sent this reply when you sent in your first support request:

There is no way around this limit as it is set by DJI but it is nearly impossible to cover 30 km in a single flight anyway due to battery limitations. With Map Pilot you can plan longer flights and the multi battery management will handle the rest but no more than 30km worth of waypoints can be loaded at takeoff.

Another limitation is that the waypoints cannot be further than 2000m apart. This is also a DJI imposed limitation.

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