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Can we use a different elevation model for Terrain Awareness in Map Pilot/Tag Pilot?

Hi, thanks for the great Terrain Awareness capability in Map Pilot and Tag Pilot!

Is it possible to use something other than the SRTM dataset for the Terrain Awareness?  For example, we are GIS/geospatial mapping specialists and have access to more detailed elevation models (DEMs/DTMs/DSMs) for particular areas.  We will soon be flying in a particularly steep, mountainous/craggy location where it looks like SRTM differs significantly from "reality" in some locations because the ~30m SRTM resolution generalizes the craggy peaks. Thus we would rather use a 10m or 5m resolution surface model that better approximates reality.  Would this be possible?  We would be willing to sign a release of liability if necessary.  Thanks.

William Patterson

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It is not currently possible for you to swap the data out and use a different elevation source. The SRTM dataset is the only one that is globally available. Much of the logic for retrieving the data, storing it and calculating the profiles is currently fixed to the STRM pixel spacing and providing another resolution would be a significant rework. We have had a few requests for the use of higher resolution data sources but it isn't looking like it is worth the development cost at this point.

The 30m data being somewhat generalized is a good thing as long as you are flying at a decent AGL but as noted in the product's documentation it really can't be trusted around sheer faces.

If you want to test things out in a more controlled manner you could use Tag Pilot and fly under AGL Lock control to see what would happen at various heights in Map Pilot.

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