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Defect information when setting X5 camera.

 Defect information when setting X5 camera.
When set to Overlap 80/60 -> 90/60, it can not be set to 1 cm / px by altitude setting.
Even if it is set to Overlap 90/60, please fix it urgently so that it can be set to 1 cm / px by altitude setting.


Official comment


This means that the aircraft cannot fly slow enough to accommodate that overlap at your selected altitude.

The limit of the X5 for periodic imaging is 5 seconds. We were trying to cheat it before but too many users were having issues with it. DJI says it images at 1 image per 5 seconds and that is what it now does. 

We tried to jump through all sorts of hoops before since there weren't any other options but with the X5S and Inspire 2 supporting imaging down to 2 seconds and higher resolution it is the option that should be used if you need to fly fast.

We will not be offering faster imaging with the X5 since it would exceed DJI's published limits.


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So that means that the X5S is supported by Map Pilot? Did you test the 2 sec?

If so, I can change my X5 for the X5S..


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