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Inspire 1 and Linear Flight Plan: No Camera Triggering during Flight

I have a DJI Inspire 1X5 with the latest firmware on cam, copter and controller. I am testing the linear flight plan and it takes the flight plan, uploads and executes the mission but does not trigger the photos.
It seems to be fixed on connectionless as opposed to connected operation and I see the note in the description of operation regarding connectionless/linear flight plan with no mention of the inspire 1 compatibility? Is a liner mission possible with the inspire 1 and is one committed to connectionless?
Nick Herrington

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As was sent as a reply to your initial support request:

What version of Map Pilot are you using? Make sure it is the most up to date. The versions that were out before 2.4.2 did not trigger older aircraft properly.

Make sure email addresses are whitelisted in your email system so you can receive our responses.


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Hi there,

I have version 2.4.2 build 01072017 operating with ipad mini 3

Many Thanks,



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