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zenmuse x4s VS x5s model precision


I'm loooking to upgrate my Inspire 1 Pro (X5) to a Inspire 2. I'm doing survey, maping, volume calculation, topography etc... mainly surveying job so I need good accuracy. The accuracy i get with the X5 is good but this model seems to be quite time consuming because of less flight time, les pixels and angle on 75 Vs 84. compare to the x4s. 

So, would like to be mode efficient on the field but as much precision or better. The x4s will be ok or should i go for the x5s? Do you have experience on the field with thoses systems?

tks for your app Map pilot, the best on the market to do my job!


M Belisle

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We have not verified it on long missions yet but the X4s can image faster than the X5. We aren't sure how this will affect the imaging settings use for the X4s and how it will affect flight speeds. It will also have a different FOV and image footprint so those could affect things as well.


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Just wondering if there has been any updates on this.  I am currently using an X4S for volume related work and I'm wondering if it would be worthwhile to upgrade to an X5S.  Could I expect any improvement in the DEM, better low light performance etc.? 

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The X4S has been pretty good. The only advantage I would say there is to having the X5S is that if you need to be flying higher but still want pretty small GSD you may want to go with it. It is more of a flexibility thing at this point as opposed to a quality issue.

We haven't seen any light issues with either but that doesn't mean that one isn't better than the other.

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