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Re starting Multi battery mission

I am having trouble getting my P4 to relaunch after changing the battery during a multi battery mission.

Specifically:  P4 returns and lands after first battery.

P4 switched off, controller left on.

Battery changed over.

P4 turned back on

At this stage I am unsure of how to get the P4 to relaunch.

The slide out panel uploading the mission and staring is all greyed out.

I've searched the FAQ's and the user guide but there is no specific instructions for restarting the mission.

This is an awesome app and I've had some really good results for my Bushfire Consulting business. 

Need to get the multi battery mission thing happening


Baz Cleary

Baz Cleary

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Make sure when you are landing that the remote is still in the programmed flight mode (F on I1/P3, P on P4) if you are manually landing the aircraft. Not doing so will cause it to get out of sync with the completed waypoints. That would explain why the flight control panel is greyed out. 


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Same Problem over here. The mission started fine. After 65 or so pictures the app appear glitchy. The red triangle disappeared, but the drone keep flying and taking pictures. Then a message appeared saying that SD card is slow. The battery runs out and drone came back home. Change the battery and try to upload the mission to resume. Pressing the upload and says the drone will pick up in the last point... but no upload progress window appear and all 4 icons appeared greyed out. I tried to restart everything, drone, control and app (no other apps were running). This is going on after the last update. Before that, the app was crashing in the middle of a flight and I would have to reopened again to take control of the drone. Before that.... I never had any problem with this app... It was working flawlessly. Please guys try to fix this one.

Drone: PH3 Advanced. Firmware: 1.10.90. Map Pilot App version 2.4.3. Using an Ipad Mini 2 with iOS 10.2.1.

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Nicolas: This appears to be a different issue.

DJI has added a bunch of behind the scenes logging that is a bit of a CPU hog. Older devices like the iPad mini 2 might have a hard time keeping up.

One workaround would be to make sure that all other apps are closed and that you are using a genuine Apple cable. No knockoffs. It really does matter. Also, you can use the connectionless mapping mode to make sure your data is collected even if there are other issues.

As capabilities increase the computing power required to achieve them needs to increase as well. The iPad 2 mini is almost 3.5 years old... The Phantom 2 was the new hotness at that point! 

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